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Hove to make the most of your e-book?

If you’re planning on publishing an e-book, then by using the proper techniques you can produce thousands of sales. However, your profits will suffer if your products are not well protected against internet piracy.

The biggest threat to Information Businesses is internet piracy. On small markets, like the Hungarian market, valuable e-books can quickly spread on underground forums. Within days almost all major pirate sites will have links to illegal copies of your products. Unauthorized copies may also spread the old fashioned way, via flash drives and CDs. You can lose up to 80% of your profits to piracy.

To tackle this problem we have created our own safe publishing software, with which you can securely distribute your products.

The software allows you to set different levels of security on your products (authorization to print and/or authorization to copy). The e-book can only be run on one computer, at any given time (it can be re-registered on another computer if so desired).

These security authorizations are kept in an online database, which is protected by multiple levels of encryption and monitoring functions. Compressing is done in memory, screen capture is disabled. It is a thoroughly thought out and well designed application. It will lend your e-books a sense of uniqueness and perfection.

If your e-books have these security features, then the biggest problems – piracy, illegal copying and distribution – have been dealt with. You will have much more control over who you lend or sell your e-book to; just like a real book!


The advantages of an electronic book, from your point of view:

  • Our SafePublisher software gives you unparalleled copyright security – only those people are allowed access to your e-books who you authorize. This is the fundamental difference between our product and text, HTML and PDF documents.
  • Just like a real books you may lend or sell your e-books. But unlike real books you may also set different levels of security on them, like who may copy or print out your product, or who may use it on more than one computer.
  • The e-book technology we supply makes it possible to read your product with ease, to customize the size of fonts, and generally gives the customer a much more enjoyable reading experience.
  • Compression is incredibly effective.
  • Your e-book can contain links to different chapters of the book. This way you can easily jump to any part of the e-book.
  • With a simple click of the mouse, you can import the entire contents of a Word document file.
  • With hyperlinks you can navigate to other documents on the internet, or LAN.
  • You can publish your own books – no need for investment or printing.
  • You will make INSTANT profit.
  • After buying our editing and publishing software, you will also receive information on how to make INSTANT profit with your e-book, and how you can increase the number of e-books sold, with as little effort as possible. Your automatic site, with its own database, will automatically manage your business and generate passive profit for you. Initial costs are minimal, and can easily return up to 100 times the amount you invested.
  • Your book will earn you fame, influence, recognition and material wealth.
  • Professional copyright protection will make illegal copying of your work virtually impossible.
  • Your KNOWLEDGE and up-to-date INFORMATION will turn into VALUE. In today’s information society the biggest problem is that anyone can illegally copy, distribute, STEAL unprotected products, and cause financial harm. To uphold your rights you could choose to get entangled in complicated, uncertain and COSTLY legal proceedings, which in no way guarantee the infringement on your rights will stop. Of course you could register your product at the Copyright Office, and hope they will have more success in prosecuting unauthorized users, but you have to take into account that the Office charges exorbitant fees.
  • The most effective way of combating piracy is AVOIDING it. Your e-book will be virtually IMPOSIBLE to crack. If your product does get cracked we are willing to pay for all the necessary security upgrades and for the republishing of your e-book. ALL costs will be covered by US!


How will your customers benefit from our product?

  • Thousands of e-books can be stored on a computer; they do not take up any physical space. It is vital to realize, that in the near future the use of notebooks will be widespread. Those who do not own one will be at a disadvantage. Notebooks can store many thousands of e-books. In our busy lives mobility and availability are in increasing demand.
  • Updates can be easily distributed to customers.
  • Last but not least, your e-books can be accessed from anywhere on the planet with a click of the mouse.

It can be translated to any language and integrated into the existing automated framework.

Don’t forget:

  • The market for electronic books is constantly growing!
  • Electronic books are the most successful Digital Information Products on the world market!

We are at your service! We offer a full money back guarantee on our e-book publishing software (SafePublisher). You write us an e-mail and we will refund the price, no questions asked!

Why? Because we are confident in our product. We believe that your satisfaction gives meaning to our work and services. We know that a happy customer is a good customer, that’s why we will do everything in our power to give you what you want. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to write us!

Software development is in the beta stage. We are still giving away free access to our application.

Yours sincerely,
eBook International developement team